Call for Papers

Applied Research in Coaching and Athletics Annual

Veronica Snow, Ph.D., Editor

Submissions most appropriate for ARCAA include the following:

  1. Applied Research Studies
  2. Position papers and original reports that directly impact coaches, athletes, athletic administrators and educators
  3. Reports such as innovative curriculum issues, special projects, unique coaching materials and new coaching techniques
  4. Book review and annotated bibliographies

All ARTICLES should be submitted via e-mail attachment in the following three-part manner;

  • cover letter
  • Cover/Title page with author(s) affiliations and contact information
  • a blind manuscript copy submitted to Dr. Veronica Snow at


When preparing manuscripts for publication in the ARCAA, authors should follow the guidelines set forth in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Fifth Edition, 2000. Copies of this style manual may be obtained through the order Department, American Psychological Association, 1200 17th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036. Most libraries will also have copies of this style manual. No submission will be reviewed that does not adhere to the APA writing style.

One slight modification of the APA format merits elaboration. Wherever possible, particularly in the results and discussion sections, the use of highly technical jargon is discouraged. It is our intent to take the technical and the complex and make them highly readable for practitioners who may be less familiar with theoretical and research intricacies. "Layman" language is acceptable in trying to communicate data and ideas.

Also, when discussing specific statistical tests used in the research please explain why the test was used and what the test is used to measure. This information is very helpful in clarifying research intricacies to those who lack a statistical background. Finally, all papers should end with a "layman" discussion on implications of the research for the coaching/athletic profession.

Manuscripts should not be submitted for publication elsewhere at the same time being reviewed by ARCAA. Authors are advised to proof the typing, check references for accuracy, and be sure that tables and figures are properly set up on separate pages and marked where they belong in the text. All manuscripts should be 25 pages or less and must be preceded by a 75-150 word abstract. The manuscript must be typed double-spaced, including the abstracts and references. Photos should be submitted in JPG format.

Articles should be submitted in Microsoft Word and e-mailed as an attachment to:

Dr. Veronica Snow

Manuscripts are evaluated by members of the editorial review board through a blind review process. With each copy of the manuscript, authors are requested to submit a cover sheet including the title of the manuscript, name of the author(s), institutional affiliation(s), running head, and date of manuscript submission. Papers will be judged on topical relevance and clarity of reporting.

It is very important that your current e-mail address is submitted so that if problems arise, we can contact you immediately.